CDM Technologies is an IT Asset recovery company specializing in buying and selling off-lease or used IT Hardware, whether it be desktops, workstations, laptops, LCD’s or servers and networking equipment.

We use our knowledge and experience to recover the value of your old IT Hardware and make managing of the end-of-use processes easier for you, our client.

When remarketing, whether it’s 25 or 2500 units, we are here to contribute to making the transaction as smooth as possible.

Services Offered

Buying & Selling

We want to buy your computer equipment! 

Are you facing a bank sell-off or bankruptcy or refresh?

CDM Technologies offers a fair market value for your old equipment and will handle all the logistics of removal and shipping. Please go to our contacts page and send us a description of what you are looking to get recycled or have reused .

Not selling?  Looking to buy equipment instead?  

Contact us, we can quote you the wholesale prices you need! CDM’s belief is that the best recycling technique is “Reuse”.

CDM has quality experience in remarking retired assets and our goal is to maximize your ROI for your IT Assets.

We will remarket your IT assets thru many developed sales channels, such as internet retailers, wholesalers, distributors, brokers and more.


Let us handle everything for you. We offer various forms of shipping and brokerage services.

We are the middleman that connects shippers and carriers.


Bringing together the shipper that needs to transport goods with an authorized motor carrier that wants to provide the service.

We’re the middleman that connects shippers and carriers.

Sea Freight

20-40 Foot containers.

We can load and seal your 20-40ft container and get it to where you need it any part of the world


Specializing in getting you your product anywhere in the world within 5-7 business of completing your order.

Blind Shipping

We can ship your orders to your clients from our location with only your companies info on the packaging to get them their product faster.

Commercial Invoice

We supply, on request any and all paperwork to ensure deliveries in a timely fashion internationally.

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14335 Industrial Center Dr. Shelby Twp Mi 48315

T: 888-482-4018